March 2010 - Fifty Green Phase 2: The Success Continues

August 2008 - The Birth of fifty green


Fifty Green Phase 2: The Success Continues
Staples Advantage Canada’s Fifty Green program had another successful year in 2009. Building on the strength from its inaugural year, the program has continued to grow in popularity among customers in Canada. As a small order management program, Fifty Green asks customers to think about the size of their orders and its impact on the environment.

In mid-2009, a secondary choice was implemented to engage more customers to enroll in the Fifty Green program. Now, customers can choose between having a $5.00 charge levied on orders under $50.00 or place orders under the minimum spend threshold ($50) on hold until it can be reached. This exciting added program is available through Staples Advantage’s online ordering platform,

In their continuing commitment to being an environmentally conscious company, Staples Advantage announced their new Fifty Green complementary program, Green Pledge in March 2010. The Green Pledge program asks customers to be more environmentally responsible by pledging to enroll in a Fifty Green program, ensure that 15 per cent of their annual product purchases be made up of EcoEasy qualified products, and to recycle their toner cartridges and delivery boxes.

Through the growth of the Fifty Green program and introduction of the Green Pledge, the partnership with Tree Canada continues as well. In under 18 months, Staples Advantage and Fifty Green program customers have contributed over $150,000 to the Tree Canada program, allowing them to plant over 47,000 trees in our local communities and forests across Canada.



The Birth of Fifty Green - Date: August 2008
In August 2008, Corporate Express, a Staples Company, launched an innovative program to address the handling and environmental costs associated with small orders. The program is called Fifty Green, and at its heart is a partnership between Corporate Express and its customers to consolidate their orders to reach a minimum order size of $50 or more.

The program began with an informational campaign to raise awareness of the extra costs in terms of handling, material usage and carbon footprint in servicing small orders. Starting in August, the program has been charging a $5 fee for orders under $50, with half of the fee being used to cover the operational costs of servicing a small order and the remaining half being donated to Tree Canada. The donation is being used to plant trees in local communities all across Canada and consequently helps to offset the carbon footprint associated with the delivery of small orders.

We are extremely happy to announce that the response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive! In a testament to the social conscience of our customer base, the active participation in a partnership that safeguards the environment has been taken up wholeheartedly. Large numbers of our customers are actively participating in educating their employees to minimize small orders, which has led to a nationwide reduction in small order volumes since the launch of the program. And as of January 15th, 2009 we are pleased to have donated $50,000 to Tree Canada to plant over 12,000 trees across the country.

This outstanding achievement can only be created by a strong partnership, and for your part in driving these great environmental results we offer our profound thanks.

If you have any questions on the Fifty Green Program, please contact your sales representative.